We would like to thank all staff at SSHP, they were all so friendly, helpful and cheerful. Whenever they came around it was never too much trouble for them to stop and have a conversation or just to smile and wave as they went about their duties. It was also great to speak to the Owner of the park (who was not afraid to get his hands dirty (unusual) and help, with his dog running by his side. Dog certainly knew what to do when they escorted vans to their respective bays.) The park is so luscious and green with big bays for everyone. The boys that escort you to your bays are so helpful, that it makes backing your van so easy. Our bay was a corner & drive through with a beautiful shady tree, so very welcoming given the hot days that we were there for. The grounds themselves are all so green and lush, (again unusual) a credit to the staff. Most of the bays have big trees for shade and in the hotter months would be a blessing. The facilities were always clean & tidy. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you, it was so relaxing and peaceful. Even though it is a dog friendly park, you wouldn't have known as the dogs that were on other sites were not a problem (credit to the owners). So very peaceful. When they say that the park was built by caravaners for caravaners they were not mistaken. Well done SSHP, 10 out of 10, your park is something to be very proud of. Keep up the great work. We may have repeated ourselves a couple of times, but we cannot fault the park, would certainly recommend to all our caravanning friends. Price was very affordable compared to some of the eastern states parks that we have stayed at in the past year. Look forward to seeing you all again soon. Terri & Steve Crofts. February 2024

645 Vasse-Yallingup Rd. Anniebrook WA 6280
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